Need to buy gifts for family or friends who have dogs or cats but don’t know what to get them? Shopping for presents for pet owners can indeed be as challenging as any gift-buying situation, especially when there are so many pet products available today.

To make the task easier and even more meaningful, it’s a great idea to look for items which are useful and helpful to someone who is taking care of a four-legged pal. A dog mat, for example, is a practical yet thoughtful present for somebody living with a furry buddy indoors.

dog mat

Here are great gift ideas for someone who owns dogs or cats:

1. Absorbent dog mat

Get one like the Flexdog absorbent dog mat by Sicarro at owners who live in small spaces or who have to bathe their furry buddies indoors will love this product. This is no ordinary mat—it is lightweight, organic, and comfy, plus, it can get rid of bad odours! This dog mat provides Fido a comfy place to hang out and get dry.

2. Pet tracker

For effective pet safety, get your friend a pet tracker. This enables them to supervise the location of their pets. You can acquire a waterproof, real-time GPS tracker such as Findster. It includes a built-in radar. It shows the distance between the pet owner and his petAnd the owner can also allow whoever he wants to have access to the tracker without extra charges.

3. Luxury day at a boarding cattery

If your buddy owns a cat, you can treat them to a luxury holiday. You can book Whiskers at a five-star cattery such as the Longcroft in the UK. The felines can take pleasure in sleeping in fancy suites, dining on gourmet food, and getting five-star treatment. And while the cat is on vacation, her owner can go on a little break of his own.

4. Catit Wave Circuit Toy

Here’s an enjoyable, captivating interactive toy a feline will definitely take pleasure in. The Senses 2.0 Wave Circuit comes along with a ball that zips around an encased tube track. It is also BPA-free and quick and easy to put together. And, its roller-coaster-like layout can additionally be reshaped in a hundred plus styles!

5. Outdoor Gear

Do you have family or friends who love to spend time outdoors with their dogs or cats? These pet owners know that going on adventures with their furry buddies can be twice the challenge since they need to pack and plan for themselves and their animal companions as well.

Shop for pet gear which can make any outdoor adventure easier and more enjoyable for canines or felines and their humans too. An absorbent and lightweight dog mat, for instance, is great for giving Fido a comfy place to rest and dry off on the drive back home after a hike and swim. Collapsible bowls are perfect for hydrating and feeding while on the go. And a pet first aid kit is something every pet owner will appreciate and find useful.

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