Rising Flu Cases in Nursing Homes Today: Who is to blame?

A rise in the reported cases of Influenza is alarming the Australian aged care community. The Department of Health and Ageing was notified about more than 40, 000 of flu cases nationwide this year. Recently, 49 nursing home residents in Australia have died from influenza. Although the elderly are generally safe from Swine Flu, they are vulnerable to Influenza A strains. If your loved one is in aged care Nerang has these days, read on and be aware of the disease:

aged care Nerang

How did it worsen?

In 2016, there were reports about the risks of having unvaccinated caregivers in nursing homes. In the past three years, sick workers have been worrying experts about the spread of disease. Over 180 Flu cases were reported to be coming from nursing homes in 2014.

Although patients in nursing homes are vaccinated with Anti-Flu shots, it’s still useless because many workers are not vaccinated. Only one out of two caregivers in nursing homes are vaccinated. Although they took Anti-Hepatitis and Tuberculosis shots, they weren’t mandated to take Anti-flu shots. Robert Booy of National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance further confirms that the unvaccinated, infected staff are to blame for the spread of the infection to the elderly.

Who is to blame, exactly?

Today, the country is witnessing the inflation of flu-infected cases in nursing homes. Since most of them already have comorbidities, they are more likely to catch the contagious disease. There’s no specific group of people to blame as nursing homes vary in the ways they respond to respiratory disease pandemics.

Nonetheless, the complacency of the policy in vaccinating health care workers is largely at fault. NSW Health Director of Communicable Diseases Vicky Sheppeard also traces back the prevalence of flu cases from unwell relatives of residents visiting them in nursing homes.

Protecting the elderly must be prioritized quickly.

Making amends

Residential aged care environments are most especially susceptible to spreads of respiratory viruses. State governments’ policies about vaccinating the staff and residents are being improved constantly.

If your relative is in aged care Nerang has these days, it’ll help if you get informed on your state’s vaccine policies regarding Influenza cases. Vaccination will help reduce hospitalization costs and mortality rates in nursing homes.

In Queensland, a new vaccine this year is recommended to be given to all staff members and residents. It’s different from last year’s vaccine, as this year’s vaccine has a new strain. The agencies in aged care Nerang residents visit must comply with the precautions the Queensland government mandates. A Nerang nursing home facility must also aim for more than 90% coverage in nurses and residents.

If you’re looking for a St James aged care agency, make sure to inquire about their staff’s vaccination coverage status. Also, if you’re living in the Gold Coast, the aged care Upper Coomera has nowadays offers Respite care. Respite care suits those families who want to do a trial method before putting their elders in aged care.

How can you help?

Always remember to be vigilant about sanitation anywhere you go. The Queensland government strongly encourages people to:

  • Wash hands regularly with alcohol or soap and water
  • Dry hands with clean, single-use towels
  • Cover mouth when sneezing with tissue or single-use towels
  • Learn about the early symptoms of Influenza
  • Practice waste segregation properly

Visit our website at https://arcare.com.au/aged_care_queensland/arcare-st-james_helensvale/.

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The techniques for investing in commercial properties

commercial property for sale

Yes, guided investment in real estate is always profitable and it can bring considerable returns on your investment. Investing in residential property gives you a place for peaceful living. If you have two or more residential properties, you can lease the property and earn a reasonable rent. On the other hand, investing on a commercial property for sale can be more rewarding as compared to residential properties. For example, in Australia, properties valued more than Australian $25 billion changed hands during the last year which highlights the benefits of investing in commercial properties.

Factors for investment:

While investing in commercial property for sale you should also consider issues like the value of the property, location, type and duration of lease, quality of tenant and so on. In addition to this, you should also consider the vacancy rate in the particular region where you are planning to invest.  As a matter of fact, Australia is one of the few countries with comparatively lower vacancy rate. For example, in Sydney, the vacancy of commercial property is about 6.2%, Melbourne 6.4% and Adelaide has a vacancy rate of 16.2%. Therefore, this lower vacancy rate also underlines the continuing demand for commercial properties.

Encouraging investment option:

If you are investing in a commercial property, you should adopt professional approach while making the investment. This is because unlike the residential properties, investing in commercial properties also comes with a few risks. Yet, for those who are venturesome and tread with caution, then investing in commercial properties in countries like Australia has become increasingly encouraging investment options.

Expenses on maintenance:

As compared to residential properties, maintenance of commercial properties is quite expensive. While making the investment you should also consider expenses related to maintenance of the building, like, for example, adherence to safety standards, cost of air conditioning and such other related issues. Interestingly, as far as commercial property for sale is concerned, you will naturally transfer all the maintenance cost to the lessee. This again implies that the lessee should be capable of paying such huge amounts towards repairs and maintenance of the building.

Time to invest;

Given the present behavior of supply and demand, the sunshine beach real estate has greater potential for those who want to invest in real estate. As you know, in Australia, several industries and large corporate and other business establishments are coming up. There has been a considerable growth in the Tourism industry as well.

Higher rental:

All these have resulted in a considerable increase in the sunshine coast property rentals as well. As a matter of fact, both residential and commercial properties on the vast beaches of sunshine coast fetch a higher rental. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in real estate in Australia, you may look for properties with strategic locations.

Understand the market:

In fact, similar to sunshine coast real estate, you find bullish trends even in other places like the Sydney, Adelaide and so on. However, if you are investing in commercial properties, you should understand the market drivers including demographic, availability of infrastructure and other related factors.

Look for professional guidance:

Considering the complexities of investing in real estate, you should avail the services of professional real estate firms like the http://www.henzells.com.au. Such firms will have a thorough knowledge of the prevailing market conditions in various parts of Australia. They are also fully aware of the lengthy procedures involved in the real estate transactions. Naturally, all their professional guidance will be to your advantage.

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Coolest Vacation Spots in Queensland

sunshine coast real estate

The Sunshine Coast real estate firms have both hands busy dealing with clients who are looking forward to spending a few days on the coast of the Sunshine beach. This is because the growing pressure in colleges and hectic work schedules demand frequent vacations to nearby places. Nobody hates a cool vacation after a long stretch of tiring college or office work, so they look for a few vacation spots where the weekends could be spent. This is definitely the case with Queensland, Australia. The people look out for destinations to unwind themselves, relax for a few days and have a pleasant trip with their loved ones. Here are a few popular activities they can try out for a quick tour to keep themselves away from their hectic schedule for a few days.

The warm water beach

A vacation trip to Queensland, Australia, itself invites the popular beach seasoned with a humid subtropical climate typical of Queensland – the Sunshine Coast. Famous for its warm water, the sunshine beach is preferred by visitors throughout the year. Grabbing a beer and laying on a folding chair on the coast, or going for a great surfing experience, surely relaxes the body. The houses for rent Sunshine Coast provides certainly save a huge amount of hotel bills.

Shopping and Eating

What every traveler loves to do, whether he’s trying to escape quietly from college routine or office work, is to shop and eat. Shopping and tasting all kinds of snacks in the coolest coast – Sunshine Coast requires a few days to be spared. If a visitor simply looks for houses for sale Sunshine Coast provides at affordable rates, then the problem is solved. The region’s markets are a delightful blend of music and snacks, and artworks and original fashion, which make staying for a few days absolutely compulsory.

Beaches all the way

A collection of beaches, Noosa provides, is the largest in the world. Along with Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach, Marcus Beach, Peregian Beach and Coolum Beach, are all coolest beaches favored for surfing. Restaurants on the beaches themselves feed the travelers with delicacies after an exercise of surfing. Sunshine Coast real estate provides accommodations so that tourists can hang out for more than just a day.

Other attractions

Noosa’s powder white beach is one of the few in the world that are almost surrounded by national parks, almost four thousand hectares of classic Australian bushland. Visitors spend their day following winding tracks to the unspoiled headlands and then cool off in crystal clear waters. Sunshine Coast real estate provides a luxurious lifestyle that shines just as brightly at night.

Wildlife experiences

Wildlife experiences do not come much more intense than the legendary Crocodile Hunter’s Australia Zoo, just a half hour drive from Mooloolaba into the hinterland. One of the largest conservation and wildlife facilities in the world, this is the place to touch a snake, see big cats and of course, watch crocodiles being fed.

Seeing more heights

At the edge of the Sunshine Coast’s green hinterland are the Glasshouse mountains and craggy volcanic peaks that stand like a gentle grandfather protecting the entire region. Criss-crossed with the trails and offering sweeping views of the coast, they are ideal for hiking and picnicking. A small drive can carry the visitors to the village area of Tewantin where they can find houses for sale Tewantin has.


The uncrowded Sunshine Coast makes the best attraction when it comes to a quick tour around Queensland, Australia. Housing service solves the worries about accommodations, and the travelers can enjoy their time in the Noosa Hinterlands. For more information on where to stay, check out RW Noosa.

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Negotiation Tactics a Seller Should Have In a Real Estate Deal

While some real estate investors think about how they would get one house ready for sale, others have it but fear to negotiate with the buyer. Meeting a determined buyer requires the seller to have a determined mind. Remember, you won’t sit down with the buyer and just have a general talk where everyone is happy is smiling. Selling a house is a game where the mind is fully at work. With the right negotiation tactics, losing a buyer in Sunshine Coast real estates should be the last thing to do. Sellers should keep the following negotiation guidance in mind:

Sunshine coast real estates


Ethics have a lot to do with the first word you speak when you meet the buyer. If the buyer doesn’t find you trustworthy and honest from the first words you speak, they may not do so as negotiation proceeds. Sellers should learn to be straightforward and honest from the word go. If a seller tells the buyer they won’t sell that house for a particular amount and later change their mind, they lose trust. The buyer may not believe them for anything else they say about the house. Honesty is a key attribute for anyone who wants to succeed in Sunshine Coast real estate business.

Mind about the golden rule

The golden rule states that “be a tough negotiator and stay positive.” Sellers who believe that negative, confrontational and contentious approach is an effective formula miss everything about Sunshine Coast real estates. A tough negotiator influences the other party to negotiate in the same way. A seller who is tough and positive encourages the buyer to be more cooperative.  If the buyer and seller don’t cooperate during negotiation, coming to a beneficial agreement becomes difficult.

The buyer is not your enemy

Some buyers are known to project a condescending attitude, but this should not bother a competent property seller. A buyer may not always agree with what the seller says about the property. Buyers sometimes oppose most of the ideas sellers bring forth especially on house pricing. Others come with ill-founded perception or pre-conceived ideas about the seller. What the seller should do is show the buyer willingness to cooperate and respect their opinions. This way, the seller would reap a lot from the Sunshine beach real estate.

The seller and buyer see a dollar differently

In the business of buying and selling the property, the perception the different parties have towards it is different. While the buyer sees a deal, the seller sees the price. Harmonizing these two is not easy without a little friction. While the seller seeks to get as much as possible from the property, the buyer does everything possible to save as much as they can on the same deal. Just know that timeframe, financing and price are crucial in Sunshine Coast real estates, and they should not cause bad blood between the involved parties.

Before the buyer and sellers come to a mutual benefit agreement, the seller takes the upper hand. In fact, a seller can determine the success or failure of the entire deal. When the deal fails during negotiation, it has failed on everything else. Although the buyer is an important negotiator when buying Sunshine Coast property rentals, the seller must have what it takes to control it.

5 reasons you must hire snake catchers

The Australian state of Queensland is often considered to be a dwelling place of the deadliest and dangerous snakes that are found in this country. Brisbane, being the capital city of this state, has naturally become home to various venomous snakes, forcing the citizens live in sheer terror with many falling victims to poisonous snake bites. But the arrival of the Brisbane snake catchers has finally given a sense of relief to the citizens by offering snake removal services for both the harmless and poisonous snake species. Here are some major reasons for hiring them, if you live in Brisbane or its nearby areas.

Block venomous snake attacks

It is not all the time that the snake you encounter is the venomous one. It may be harmless. But how would you know when you are living in a region that is known for its poisonous snakes. You need to find snake catchers in Brisbane that can identify whether the snake that has invaded your property is venomous one or not, and can take it away.

Save your pets from killer snakes

Snakes feed on various other small animals and birds. In case you have a small animal as your pet in your house, then this can be a crucial reason to look forward to the help from Brisbane snake catchers. For example, having a bird feeder in the yard area normally attracts snakes as they quickly learn that there they can find their prey easily.

brisbane snake catchers1

Prevent snakes from entering the house

Once snakes get inside your property, there are high chances of them trying to enter your house too. How can you know about the best ways of preventing them from entering the house unless you take help of the experts in this field like snake catchers Brisbane has! It takes an expert to locate the tiniest openings in the house that may be the path of the snake’s entering.

Avoid falling a victim to snake bites

Even if a snake is not venomous, the bite of it can cause both pain and infection sometimes. When a snake enters your property, it’ll be a folly to try to remove it as you neither have the equipment nor the skills. Even the slightest of attempt can leave you in pain with snake bites. Therefore, it’ll be again a wise decision to hire the snake catchers.

Have assistance in snake prevention

Whether it’s identifying a snake that you have found inside your house, or informing you about the best ways of preventing snakes entering your property, snake catchers in Brisbane are there to help you out. From providing free advice to suggesting effective ways of decreasing the chances of snakes making your property their home, you can get all types of assistance from them.

By hiring professional snake removal services Brisbane snake catchers offer, you can not only get the maximum assurance of snake prevention, but you can also be relieved to know that you’re not harming any animal life, no matter how small or big the snake is. The snake catchers take care of releasing the snakes in a more suitable area, on the very day of capturing them, without causing any harm to the existence of the species. See more at http://www.brisbanesnakecatcher.com.au/

Small Things You Do To Sell Your Home within a Short Time

Every home seller wishes to make a quick sale and earn the top dollar within the shortest time possible. This sounds good to every seller, and some of them take it as good luck. But does it just happen? Of course, no! The seller has to prepare the house well in advance and stage it properly. Presenting a home in a way that suggests the house is on quick sale is tricky to some sellers. Those who know how to spruce up homes for sale sunshine coast has today make many buyers scurry for their checkbooks. To know the kind of preparation you should make for the house you intend to sell, read on!

homes for sale sunshine coast

De-clutter the house

Everything in that house that you don’t use may be an amazing quantity of junk to the new occupier. What you haven’t used for over a year is probably what you don’t need. You should throw away or donate whatever you don’t need in the house you want to sell. Go to every bookcase and remove all the books and remove those knickknacks. Remove everything on the kitchen counters and leave every closet empty and clean. Allowing clutter to spread everywhere would prolong the time within which your homes for sale Sunshine Coast has today should be bought.

Organize kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets

Buyers are snoopers! They will snoop and open every cabinet door and closet just to see what is in there. A buyer who finds closets and cabinets well organized and bedroom rearranged assumes the rest of the house is so. Take time, therefore, to neatly stack the dishes, alphabetize spice jars, line up shoes and hang shirts together, facing the same direction and properly buttoned. If you have coffee handlers, turn them to face the same direction. It is a great way of staging and presenting homes for sale Noosa has today to prospective buyers.

A dollar for minor repairs

It is good to think of how a buyer would feel if they found the faucets leaking or patch holes on the walls. They would not even ask for its sale price. Replace the cracked counter tiles and floor since they are the first things buyers see upon entering a house. Kitchen drawers that don’t close and open easily and doors that don’t close properly should be fixed. Replace the worn bedspread and burned-out bulb. Getting neutral colors for the walls is also an effective way of preparing your real estate Noosaville has today for listing.

Sparkle the house

Make the house clean and attractive. Wash the inner and outer part of the windows and clean out cobwebs. Re-caulk the sinks, showers and tubs and polish all the mirrors and chrome faucets in the house. Wax the floors and vacuum daily. Dust the light fixtures, ceiling fan blades and furniture and dingy bleach grout. Ensure you clean out the fridge since no one wishes to find a dirty refrigerator in any of the homes for sale Sunshine Coast has to offer.

The longer your house takes to sell, the faster it depreciates leading to increased repair cost. Some of the things you need to do to prepare the house for sale won’t cost you much. Most of those involved in Noosa property sales don’t mind about how many owners the house has had as long as it is well maintained and still in good condition. Click here RW Noosa